Hot Sam’s Foto Park

Hot Sam's Antiques, Foto Park, Roadside attraction is complete with a beach, tiki hut, and a hippy camp, old cars, vintage circus wagons, aliens, train cars, and more. You can take photos, lease a prop or rent the space for a small fee (otherwise it is free to walk the grounds and check out the antique shop).

Photographer's Dream

Hot Sam’s has gained popularity as a place where professional photographers shoot clients against the eclectic props. People tour the grounds like they would at a hollywood set, and local groups, schools and residents rent out the pieces for theatrical productions or parties.

Everything is for sale, and negotiations can hinge on whether Hood likes a buyer’s attitude. “A lot of people don’t know the story behind this place. They are in question as to what is going on here,” Hood said. “They’ve never been to a place like this, they’ve never had the occasion to walk the grounds of anything that is like this. They are in awe.”

 (By Liala Helal – Star Tribune)

Kodak with giant Bug

To walk around enjoy yourself and take cell phone photos.

  • 10.00 up tp 3 people (Cell Phone)
  • 15.00 up to 5 people  (Cell Phone)
  • 20.00 up to 6 people  (Cell Phone)
  • 25.00 up to 9 people  (Cell Phone)
  • $25.00 per Digital Cameras
  • 50 for Professional Shoots*
Call us for more specific pricing information at 952-469-5922

*Includes the caboose as a dressing and make-up area.

Photography Classes at Hot Sams Foto Park

Come and join us at this amazing venue located in Lakeville, MN

Hot Sams has a large collection of antique buildings cars, planes, movie props, and other things.  The reality is that you could probably spend a month shooting at this location and never run out of ideas.   I am really excited about teaching these classes. 

Great place to shoot high school grads, kids, families, weddings, engagement photos, and models for portfolio building. Call Kathy for more info at: